Marketing & Advertising
My job (in the context of marketing and advertising) is to support sales and other external roles through a variety of marketing collateral including; sales presentations, print and digital ads, social posts, flyers and catalogs, and whatever else someone might need!

Below are some examples of work that I've created for Superior Glove, a Canadian glove and PPE supplier.
Sales Tools
Sales tools come in all shapes and sizes but at the end of the day I'm going to make sure that whatever you put out there looks like it's coming from your company.

Common sales tools that I've developed are presentations, handouts, infographics, and case-studies.
Custom Packaging
Custom packaging is a fantastic way to improve the experience for your customers. It's a great method of brand reinforcement and offers a lot of opportunities for additional messaging. 
Print & Digital Ads
Need to get your message out there? Maybe it's a new product or a special promotion? Whatever it is, I make sure that your ads are consistent across multiple mediums and dimensions while maintaining effective communication. 
Whether it's digital or print, I've got your back!
Tradeshow Materials
Picture this, you're one of 150 companies in a trade show or conference. How do you set yourself apart and stay memorable? 
I make your materials stand out and catch eyes with branded giveaways, posters, pop-up banners, and more!
Social Posts
Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be great tools to effectively communicate your brand and interact with consumers. 
At Superior Glove, our social posts were focused on projecting company values and community engagement. 
For product promotion, see Print & Digital Ads
Are you looking for marketing and/or advertising design to give your company or product that boost?
Send me a message and let's work together!
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